Workflow in digital media

I was watching Keanu Reeves’ documentary Side by Side recently. It got me thinking about workflow. Workflow has become a buzzword in so many industries and in business too. It means many things to different people, but a good workflow is pure profit. Being efficient at your work means you can make extra money by fitting in more jobs, making more money on the jobs you charge for or getting work in tough times by being able to tender more keenly.

I have a friend in Scotland, who has made his living over the last six years or so that I have known him, by having an efficient workflow. Stuart Little is a photographer in Ayrshire and has made a name for himself with his expertise in his digital workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop. You can see more about him here: Stu is currently working in his That Image Rokz Photography business. When I first met Stu (I should really say e-met or i-met, I suppose) he was selling his own unique training and actions packages for Photoshop and later Lightroom.

Stu has such an efficient workflow, that not only is it “pure profit” it was also part of his product range for a long time. If you want to know more bout Stu’s workflow and training I think there may be some pleasant surprises for you in the near future?

But what does a workflow mean with digital moving images? Well that will be the start of the next post.