Small Stories

Sometimes a good video can be about something seemingly small. The small stories idea came to me from the inspiring words of Izzy Hyman in the U.S. The idea of the concept is to tell a complete story, not a big story, but a complete one, in two minutes.

Now, I realise that the accompanying video for this post is longer than two minutes, but I feel it is aimed in the same direction. A walk along the river on Sunday afternoon is hardly an earth shattering story, so conceptually it fits. The story is complete and is not a subset of another story. It is not a "trailer" for a larger story.

What is being got at here is telling the small details of life, in complete visual sentences or paragraphs. The final video is only two minutes, so you have to concentrate on smaller topics, but the techniques are still the same. Interviews, b-roll and establishing shots are all a part of the small story as much as a big story. They just have to be shorter. The format also lends itself to adding in voiceover.

If you want to have a look at this for yourself, you can head over to Izz's site to read his original post on the subject here.